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Quit Your Job & Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter

Making Money Online

In the Digital Income module I will REVEAL EVERYTHING when it comes to exactly how I personally make MONEY ONLINE. 


I will show you from A-Z exactly how I use social media platforms to drive traffic to my digital products and convert that traffic into sales. I will show you I hire virtual assistance for as low as $3 AN HOUR to help with my online business, and I will show you MY PAYPAL analytics that shows exactly how much money I make. Everything discussed in this module connects with the Money Management Mastery Module.


More importantly I'll share with you my story on HOW I learned to make money online, and share all I've learned from that journey.

Now Accepting Bitcoin

Keep your purchase secure & completely anonymous by using bitcoin to get access! Not only can you get access with bitcoin, we offer a bitcoin discount!


Many people dismiss the idea of funding travel with savings from a regular job - but that's only because most people simply don't know how to save/manage their money to begin with!


I funded my first long term traveling experience with savings & the reality is getting control of your financial life is the fastest way to begin a journey into the world of long term travel.


One of the biggest myths about reaching savings goals is that you need to "make a lot of money" to save money, but the truth is how you SPEND what you make is more important.


Don't believe me? In the money management chapter I SHOW my personal accounting spread sheets where I reveal HOW I SAVED $20,000+ IN LESS THAN 12 MONTHS on $20 an hour working at a CARROT FACTORY.


The BLUNT TRUTH is how you THINK about money & how you SPEND money is the key to hyper savings. I've witnessed first hand people who's income was literally 500% above mine but still struggled to save money at the rate that I'm able to - WHY? Their mindsets, beliefs, lack of tracking, lack of goals & a lack of system for saving money.


Yes, everyone's financial situation is different but in this section I share with you my MINDSETS, METHODS & STRATEGIES that I've used over and over to save money, reach my goals, and share with you how you can apply it in your life to help get the results you want.

Travel Banking Hacks Revealed

In 2016 I was charged $524.86 in ATM fees.


I paid $0.


One of the most overlooked aspects of taking part in travel is how people have their banking setup.  Many first time travelers simply do not know how to optimize their banking for travel.


I'll reveal to you how to avoid:

1.paying ATM fees

2. Paying international transaction fees

3. Having frozen accounts

4. What to do when you lose your ATM card(s)

5. Being tricked by "travel rewards credit cards"

The $9 Flight

Buying a plane ticket is not as simple as you'd think - when to buy, where to go, what online resources to use, and weather to book 'one way' or 'round trip' are all factors to consider when finding the best flight.


I'll reveal the system & method vagabonds & long term travelers use to find the best flights possible.

The $198 Per Month Furnished Apartment

Imagine paying as low as $198 per month for a completely furnished apartment. Imagine how much MORE you could do or have with the money you'd save. Imagine how much LONGER you could travel if you could find such a place.


This is not a dream but is a reality - a reality for those who know how to find the best & most affordable housing while traveling.


Finding housing in a foreign country is not easy, especially when the BEST options are not listed online or in English. Do you ever wonder how the locals in some foreign countries can afford to live on a salary of $500-$600 a month but you can't find a place to live for less than $1000?


The reality is how the locals find housing is DRASTICALLY different from the ways armature travelers find housing that mostly has to due with understanding the local language.

Traveling for 2 Months is CHEAPER than Traveling for 2 WEEKS?

The biggest myth about travel is that it's too expensive.


The truth is what makes it "expensive" is not traveling but HOW you travel.


Most armature travelers treat the experience like they're at a theme park and only have 1 day to ride all of the rides. This 'fast and furious' style of travel results in a rushed, fast & expensive trip.


The truth behind this idea can be revealed in a short story: A friend of mine who was inspired by some of the photos & videos I shared on facebook came to visit me in Thailand last year, he quit his job and had some money in savings. He had a blast but after 2 weeks had to go back home. Sometime later we talked online about why he had to leave only after two weeks.


He told me how much money he had spent and explained that staying longer was not an option. I laughed and told him that I had spent almost the same amount of money in the past TWO MONTHS (excluding the flight costs). Confused on how that was even possible I asked him how much he was paying and for what - he made ALL of the amateur mistakes from housing, food, & even to transportation.  His hotel costs for 1 week was the same price as my monthly rent, for example.


I'll reveal to you  the philosophy of the vagabonding & reveal how longer is actually cheaper.

Passport & Visa Research Optimized

Every country has different laws, rules & restrictions when it comes to visitors - how do you research everything?


Did you know some countries have 'visa on arrival' for United States passport holders, but visa requirements for Israeli passport holders?


In the "Critical Information" module we go over all of these topics & I reveal what online resources and methods I use to research a countries Visa/Immigration laws before entry.

Finding Travel Mates

What if you're alone? What if you don't know anyone to travel with?


Finding awesome people to travel with can be a challenge but it's no excuse. I'll reveal the ways I network with people who share similar passions & travel ambitions.


The idea of "traveling alone" is actually a myth - you never travel alone, you only fly alone. There's always people to meet who will be happy to join you on your exploration.


I'll reveal the ways I use different online resources & social media platforms to make friends instantly.

Everyone’s Traveling… What’s Holding YOU Back?

One of the best parts of experiencing the vagabond lifestyle is the friends you make while traveling. When I quit my job for the first time to travel on savings, I was absolutely blown away at how many people were traveling full time while working from their computer. After I had gone back to my normal job, I couldn't stop obsessing over how they do it.


The reality is who we are, how we think, and what we think is possible is HIGHLY influenced by the people we surround ourselves with - if you work behind a desk at some 9-5 job and only have friends who work a 9-5 job then the idea of traveling the world will seem impossible or even crazy. Don't believe me? Next time you're at work tell your co-workers "I'm thinking of going to Vietnam for 3 months" and watch them flood you with reasons why you can't, or should not do it.


Meeting people who have traveled long periods of time, or full time opened my mind  & inspired me to the point that I forced myself to get creative with how I could join them.


Unlock the bonus chapter where I interview people who travel full time or quit their job to experience long term travel.


In the interview series we interview many fellow digital nomads to hear their story. We discuss what they did before, how they figured it out, what they're doing now, and their philosophy on life.